[Video] Kanye West “Waves” Effect W/ Output (Exhale + Movement)

The vocal effect in Kanye West “Waves” off of “The Life of Pablo” is a simple but powerful effect. It runs all throughout the song providing a bed of progressions and continuing the gospel theme of the album.

In this video we’ll take a look at how to achieve that using two Output products, Exhale and  Movement.

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Crash Course On Ableton Live Packs (.ALP)


Ableton Live Packs are essentially a zipped collection of Ableton Clips (.alc), Devices (.adv), samples and even full project (.als)  that can be dowloaded and unpacked in Live to fit the Ableton Live ecosystem.

Think of it as Ableton’s version on Refill by Propellerhead, Kontakt’s Library system or Apples Loops. Instead of downloading loose samples and having to put them into simpler and find what fx may work with them the creators of these Live Packs have done that for you. Everything is categorized and set up to get you rocking quickly.

 As of Live 9, Live Packs that install directly in to Live are pretty much only distributed through Ableton at this point. Thought you can make a Live Pack in Live 8 that will unpack itself but more on this later. Continue reading Crash Course On Ableton Live Packs (.ALP)

Ableton Live Key Mapping Tempo Tutorial

Key Mapping in Live is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to ditch the mouse (for the most part). The cool thing is you don’t need a controller, a script or any 3rd-party software to do so.

All you need is your computer. If you have a laptop it comes with a keyboard,  😮😮, then you can set keys to toggle almost any parameter in Live.

Check out the video on setting up Key Mapping for halving the tempo of a song (above). But here is a quick example if you just want to get up and running.

1: Click “KEY”
Key Map1

2. Select what you mapped and press a key
Key Map2

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Making Music w/ Mode Audio Loops in Ableton Live and Mode Audio Giveaway

In this article we’ll talk about why you should start using samples, a new series called “Tasty Samples“, and a giveaway of 2 packs by ModeAudio.

Why You Should Use Samples In Your Project

Many new producers don’t understand the importance samples and loop packs. Some may think using them is cheating and others think they have to be used as recorded. But what you should think is that you stumbled onto a gold mine.


With a sample you can have the sound of the most powerful synth at your fingertips without denting your wallet. If you have a loop, you have a collection of drum, instrument or vocal sounds that can be chopped, looped and pitched. Continue reading Making Music w/ Mode Audio Loops in Ableton Live and Mode Audio Giveaway

Sub Thru: Moog Filtatron iOS App

As the series continues,  I run my Moog Sub 37 through the Moog Filtatron iOS app. Filtration is different from the Sub 37’s filter section and is more similar to the hardware unit, Moog Moogerfooger MF-101 Lowpass Filter. Filtatron has a envelope follower a lowpass filter but also a mix knob, L/R separation, an oscillator, overdrive and delay to name a few.

I toke Filtatron for a spin, comparing the Sub 37 filter section with Filtration. Continue reading Sub Thru: Moog Filtatron iOS App

Getting started with iZotope DDLY – Dynamic Delay

iZotope DDLY is a very cool dynamic delay. The thing that sets this delay unit from others is the two delays inside will be modulated based of signal that is coming in. If you play softly the bottom delay will engage softly. The harder you press the more delay comes through. Continue reading Getting started with iZotope DDLY – Dynamic Delay

AUM – Audio Mixer iOS App w/ Sampling Video Walkthrough


Ever wanted a simple iOS interface to route, have a mixer and record audio like you do in a DAW but not be super complicated? Well have I got the app for you, well I don’t but you get it. AUM – Audio Mixer is a new app developed by the famed Jonatan Liljedahl (Kymatica); who has graced us with Sector, AudioShare and AUFX.


You can create as many channels as you want, load an instrument, file or external instrument (Audio Unit extensions, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus) with audio recording up to 32-bit/96kHz.

A build-in MIDI keyboard can be routed through a matrix to any number of instrument that is loaded in AUM. While looping, and playing and routing you can record all your tracks straight to AudioShare. Oh and it also works w/ Ableton Link too!

Ableton Link and Patterning iPad App

Ableton Link is out. If you don’t know what Ableton Link is, it’s an new protocol that will allow apps and DAW to share tempo sync like never before. Gone are the days of being a tech person to sync wirelessly. Check out this video I made with my wife linking up Ableton Live and Patterning. The video is in three parts because we kept thinking of things to try after I kept signing off. Enjoy.

Think of Link like a tempo based game of Half-Life or Halo multiplayer. You can setup a room and people can come and go as they please joining in on the fun without disturbing the actual match. The cool thing about Link though is there is no owner of the room just equals. Everyone can manage the rules (tempo) of the room at any time. If you are not a gamer and that made no sense, that’s what the video above is for.

You can try it I for yourself by updating to Ableton 9.6+

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Moog Sub 37 Thru – Echo Pad

So I’ve wanted a Moog ever since I started making music with “non-traditional instruments” 8 years ago. Once I found out that a lot of the sounds I enjoyed growing up came from this one company. I know I had to pay them back for all the joy they gave me as a kid.

When the Sub Phatty was released, a friend of mine got one and I was able to play on it and thought:

Wayne's World
It will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine

Then they announced the Sub 37 with a high ratio of 1:1 features to what was on the front panel, I was excited. Being primarily an Ableton Live user, I really wanted an instrument that allowed me to turn a knob and always know that it would do one thing. I’ve had it for a month and love it, sounds great and is fun to create with and use.

But with all of that good stuff I wanted to see what it sounded like through various effects. This is the first of a series of videos I’m doing on exploring the sound of my Sub 37 with pedals and apps. Check out me playing with Holdeness Media’s iPad app Echo Pad. I’m running my signal from the Sub 37 into the iPad using IK Multimedia’s iRig Pro.

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Ableton Push 2 and Live 9.5 thoughts w/ Josh Spoon

Ableton Live 9.5 is s beast. The announced came almost out of the blue and is a big jump in usability of the software. Though it’s been a few weeks after release I still want to share some of my thoughts of the Ableton Live update.

Push 2

If you know me you know that I am a heavy Push user. For goodness sake’s I did 30 Days of Ableton Push. When using Push 1 I enjoyed many of the features of it. But really wish that there was some sort of audio component. Something where I could easily navigate the browser not just to get instruments but to get sound or loop. A lot of my Maschine friends would talk about how they were able to get loops and chop them up real easy and do all sorts of creative things with loose audio. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the workflow, of Push I was very bummed that I couldn’t really utilize the sampling side of my creativity without using a mouse.

But all that has changed with Push 2. I can get any sample, preview sounds and samples. I’m able to load it and manipulate it all on Push 2. It’s pretty amazing that I can now look at my waveform and see where I want to warp it, chop it and loop, all on Push 2.

If I thought my time is spent not looking at the computer was high before it’s even higher now; except for changing monitoring and a few small caveats I really don’t need my computer screen.

I was able to use it in a live performance this weekend and it was very fun to use it has very similar workflow. The thing I love the most is when you press master now it will go to the master track and when you press master again it will take you back to the track you were working on which is crucial for my live performance setup.

Gone are the days of mixing on Push and not knowing your actual levels, due to the awesome screen you can you get active meters right there in front of you. Push 2 is a welcome addition to my workflow it’s come definitely at the right time as I’m getting more and more VSTs and samples.

Should you upgrade? That’s a good question. Push 1 users can get a lot of features that Push 2 has. For example, you can now set your key and it will stay in Push 1 and 2. You can still chop drums on Push 1, Just some of the  device functionality does not exist on Push 1 like changing the 3 new functions of the Simpler but you could still do a lot. Check out another Certified Trainer’s AfroDJ Mac’s video posted below to show you the comparison between Push 1 & 2.


Ableton Live 9.5 Simpler

This thing should be called Super Simpler. This update is the reason Push 2 it was so great. Previously to get something going with audio on Push, it would require you to grab your mouse and Slice to New MIDI Track. This feature has, in a way, been rolled into Simpler without having to edit anything. What I mean by this is your audio is never sliced or cut up using Simpler. It uses cue points and jump from one point of audio to another, to do your chops. Making it easy to nudge both the beginning of a marks and the end of a previous marker at the same time. Warping has been added which is a godsend; you can do half time or double time on it as well. This will be a game changer for people who don’t have multi-samples of their favorite analog samples.

Also they’ve added analog filter modeling which adds another complexity of sound on top of it. You still get a Classic mode and a One-Shot mode as well as Slice. The UI is been redesigned and it is a lot simpler for beginners to get into understand synthesis now that the confusing ADSR knob stack is gone. 

New Max for Live devices

The new Max for Live devices are extremely well-built and sound amazing.


Ableton Live 9.5 Max for Live device Bass

I just bought a Moog Sub 37 and just for a little bit the new synth Bass and made me question if I should keep it, for a second. Now I know some of you gear heads think that sounds absolutely nuts but that’s how I felt. But I think both have their place and I’m definitely keeping myself Sub 37, that’s a huge compliment to the developers of these instruments. The bass has a lot of the characteristics of a Minibrute though. Modulations in the thing are really well thought out and it has a lot of expressiveness as well.


Ableton LIve Poli

Poli is also another well designed poly synth and gives you a range sounds for strings, pads, chords, and stabs, as well as a lot of modulation options to, X-mod, HP and LP filters and almost every section of the synth. Poli also comes 4 types of chorus effect to further trick out your sounds. I think that’s enough to keep you busy for a while.


Ableton Live 9.5 Max for Live device Multi

Multi is a like synth design for dummies and I don’t mean that in a bad way. I’ve been using it. It’s 6 synths in one, with a lot of options where you can’t really go wrong with the twist of a knob. Some of these sounds will be go tos for Future Bass, Techno and Trance people.

If this is a hint of features to come in Ableton Live 10, I’m excited.

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