Ableton Live 10 Beta Is Here!

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It’s official, Live 10 is on it’s way. It’s been hard not to say anything about this. I’ve been fooling around with the beta and there are a lot of things I like and a lot that will take time to get use to.

Ableton says about Live 10,

You’ll find improvements to Live that help you stay in the flow at every stage of your creative process, whether you’re getting ideas down, organizing your setup or editing the details of your music.

I believe that. There are something like Note Chase and Capture in Live 10 that are going to make it easier to get things done in Live. For noobs the buttons, color and selection shading has been updated in Live 10 to help you know where you are and what you have selected.

The new Packs in Live 1o are quite impressive. They are really getting the stock sounds up to the level another German companies level ;).

The new acquisition of Cycling ’74 has made Max a bundled piece of Live 10 and will load when Live loads today. So no long waits when loading a Max for Live device while on stage or writing.

Push got a chord step sequencer and will show you notes on the screen in Live 10 and with being able put your favs in Collections there is less time spent on the computer and more on Push. I love it.

That’s it for now. I’ll continue to show off stuff during the beta phase but I’m focusing on series for the final release.

For more information stay tuned to TPK and check out the updated Ableton site.

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