Ableton Live 10 Beta Is Here!

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It’s official, Live 10 is on it’s way. It’s been hard not to say anything about this. I’ve been fooling around with the beta and there are a lot of things I like and a lot that will take time to get use to. Ableton says about Live 10, You’ll find improvements to Live that […]

Making Music w/ Mode Audio Loops in Ableton Live and Mode Audio Giveaway

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In this article we’ll talk about why you should start using samples, a new series called “Tasty Samples“, and a giveaway of 2 packs by ModeAudio. Why You Should Use Samples In Your Project Many new producers don’t understand the importance samples and loop packs. Some may think using them is cheating and others think they […]

Ableton Link Play Together

Ableton Link and Patterning iPad App

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Ableton Link is out. If you don’t know what Ableton Link is, it’s an new protocol that will allow apps and DAW to share tempo sync like never before. Gone are the days of being a tech person to sync wirelessly. Check out this video I made with my wife linking up Ableton Live and […]

Ableton Push 2 and Live 9.5 thoughts w/ Josh Spoon

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Ableton Live 9.5 is s beast. The announced came almost out of the blue and is a big jump in usability of the software. Though it’s been a few weeks after release I still want to share some of my thoughts of the Ableton Live update. Push 2 If you know me you know that I […]

Learn Ableton Push for Free

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Oct. 23, 2015 I will be teaching a free and streaming Ableton Push course called, Ableton Push Fast Start with JOSH SPOON, on Creative Live. I will be demonstrating some of these topics: Hardware Workflow Tonal Relationships in Note Mode Alternate Pad Layouts in Note Mode Step Sequencing in Drum Mode Quantizing Drums in Drum Mode […]

The Producer's Kitchen

Why The Producer’s Kitchen?

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Dear Beat Chefs, I’m starting the Producer’s Kitchen to have an outlet solely focused on tutorials, articles, and courses without tangling them with the productions I do as Josh Spoon. I found it increasingly weird to post a song then post a technical article under the same persona. I’m sure some muted or even stopped following […]