Max For Live Madness: Hijacking MIDI Velocity of Incoming Notes

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In week 2 we learned how to parse incoming MIDI data and split the list containing pitch and velocity. This week we are are going to learn to edit MIDI velocity by hijacking it using these objects:


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Step One:

  • Add a MIDI Max Effect to a MIDI track and delete all content.
  • Replace with notein and noteout objects.
  • Attach pitch and MIDI Channel patch cables for inlets to outlets

Step 1

Step Two:

  • Add sel (select) object. This will select outlet 1 if the value is met else it will select outlet 2
  • type “0” into sel object to set value that will be the control value
  • Connect velocity outlet to sel inlet to toggle between note off (0) and the new note on value

Step 2

Step Three:

  • Add two message objects
  • Type “0” to the one the left and leave the right one blank
  • Connect sel outlet to both messages’ left inlet to send what will be in the message

Step 3

Step Four:

  • Add a live.dial object
  • connect the left outlet of the live.dial to the right inlet of the second message object to set the message.
  • Connect outlets of both messages to noteout velocity.

Step 4

Step Five:

  • Right-click on live.dial and click “Add to Presentation”
  • Right-click on patcher, click “Inspector Window” then click “Open in Presentation”
  • Click “Presentation Mode” and position the live.dial in the area with a boundary

Step 5

Step Six:

  • Press cmd/control – S and close the Max patch window
  • Turn the dial as MIDI plays through the device to a synth
  • Listen to hear the velocity change the volume
  • Marvel at your awesomeness
  • Have a beer, soda or water

Step 7


Now watch a video showing how to make this with a switcher between 2 different values called Velocity Raptor along with deeper explanation and a few new object.

Download Velocity Raptor

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