Max for Live Madness: Learning the Live Object Model and 0dB Max Device

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This week, the last week of Max for Live Madness, we will learn the sometimes complicated LOM (Live Object Model). This API of sorts helps us navigate the tree structure of Ableton Live using Max. It takes some getting used to is you come from a traditional programming background and some eexplanationif you are coming from a non-programmer background.

The LOM works by Live assigning every single object an identifier and giving you the power to navigate, read, observe and change most of the objects in Live through their identifiers.

Using objects like live.path and live.object, we are able to find the ids and location of devices and parameters. Then we can navigate to that parameter and modify it using

Take a look at this path:

path live_set tracks 1 devices 0

What this string is saying:

  • This is how you get to the first device on track 2
  • path = instruction for going a certain…path
  • live_set = starting at the .als
  • tracks = go in to the .als tracks
  • 1 = track 2 since Live uses 0 index (humans think 1 but computer thinks 0)
  • devices = the devices inside of this track
  • 0 = the first device on track 2

If we take a look at the LOM we see there are a lot of things you can access. The large bubbles tell you the sections but the lowercase text next to them is what you’d use in Max for Live to get, set, observe.


In the video above we talk about these concepts to then build a device that will stop Live from going above 0dB with 0dB Max, 0dB Max 8, 16, 32. This has been a long time concern for live performers and some who usually don’t need to boost there signals that high. Before Max for Live this had to be done using racks. But now you can just download this beauty and move on with your life.

0dB Max

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