Max For Live Madness: Learning to Parse MIDI and Use Live Objects

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In week 1 we learned that a bang starts everything. We also learned how to populate and send messages as well sending these data to the Max Window.┬áThis week we’ll see how to use Max to parse MIDI, use live.numbox and how to set up your device for use in Live.

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When you add a default Max MIDI effect to a MIDI track, it is patched from midiin –> midiout. If you want to take that raw data and break it down, you need to use midiparse. The first outlet of midiparse will give you a list of two number that makes up pitch and velocity.

MIDI paring in Max for Live

The object unpack will split the list up so you can analyze or edit the data.

In the video below we’ll see how to analyzed this data to get information on the incoming note and its velocity. Then make a UI to display MIDI note data. Stay tuned for week three, we’ll get into how to manipulate it.

Download MIDI Note Info



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