Max for Live Roundup: 5 Free Effects

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If you search around the internet for Max for Live devices you’ll start to see that there are a ton of them. Some do the same thing and others hard to find or understand. Sites like are good for listing a device but sometimes you need curation. This is a list of 5 Free Effects Max for Live devices.

Holy Scale M4L

Press one key, get a chord in return.

A device by 8 Bit Bandit gives you functionality similar to NI’s Maschine to play chords.  Use a pad or key and it will play anything from a simple to complex chord (add9, 7, etc.).

You choose a scale and then choose the type of chord you want for each note. It’s that simple.

What’s this good for:

  • Interesting Chord generation
  • Future Bass Producers
  • People without Push
  • Lazy Push users 😉
  • Non-Theory people
  • Non-keyboard players

Download Holy Scale M4L


Retorno Delay

This device, created by Walrusmuse, here is a per bar, reverse delay that can be timestreched, sped up/slowed down in various modes, amongst others cool features.

What’s this good for:

  • Fxs
  • Transitions
  • Adding Texture
  • new delay vibe

Download Retorno Delay

Lowest Note – The Producer’s Kitchen Edition

Only outputs the lowest currently held MIDI note.

…Plus TPK added a feature to keep it within one of 3 bass octave ranges. It’s as simple as that. Great for creating basslines out of chords.

Note: Edited from Lowest Note by schmatz

Lowest Note - TPK Edition

Slow Fast Turbo

I’m very much a fan of devices that make live performance simpler and Slow Fast Turbo by servicelab does it. All you have to do is map to a knob or fader in Live, then you can map to a key or button the up and down. Then you set the transition time and it will transition from min and max with the push of a button. That’s it.

What’s this good for:

  • Fxs
  • On the fly vocal throws
  • Transitions

Download Slow Fast Turbo

Half and Double

This device by the mad Max for Live scientist Tom Cosm is really nice and simple, it halves and doubles the tempo of your project.

This can be used for production or live performance, I did a tutorial previous on how to do this with key mapping but this is way easier and flexible if you have Max for Live. Put your clips on Re-Pitch and have fun

What’s this good for:

  • Fxs
  • Changing the feel of a track
  • Transitions

Download Half and Double

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