Max for Live Roundup: 5 Free Instruments

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I’m going to share with you a list of 5 free Instruments I found on Max for They are all unique and interesting in their own way.

Smaple Palyer

Smaple Palyer, by Jeff Kaiser, doesn’t look like much at first glance but is a cool little powerful device. It’s a sampler that can quickly randomize playback of audio, change pitch and directions. You can even have the randomization trigger on beat.

What’s it good for:

  • background sound
  • automated randomize chopping



Why did I put this sampler, by ldmdevices, in the list, it just looks like a mini Simpler. Well if you see in the title, it loads folders.
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If you are like me you have gigs of drums and one-shots, this device loads up to 5000 so you can scroll and switch out drums samples really fast, as not to mess with you flow making great drum patterns.  It comes with a dial as well as up and down arrows to navigate.

Included within the device are the basic functions you would find within Simpler – ADSR, Transpose, Detune, Filter – LP, HP, BP, BS, Panning and Gain.

What’s it good for:

  • Quick drum sample choosing
  • Quick drum sample swapping



Now this device, by Minthesize, is weird. It’s not your usually synth with an oscillator, ADSR and filter. This thing create FM feedback tones that can be made simple and chaotic. I advise you play with it. It’s unpredictable but has it’s place.

What’s it good for:

  • Drones
  • Chaotic sounds
  • Unique FM sounds
  • FXs



Betawave is a percussion synthesizer featuring a oscillator wave shape sequencer (Think of how one would create drums on a Commodore 64.)

This device, by Trash80, is just what I quoted but to me is more than that. You can make some pretty cool synth sound with this. This thing has step waveforms with a grid of 64 waveform that you string along using 8 waves types.

It comes with pitch and volume envelopes. Each have an overall envelope time and can be set to keyboard tracking. Add the noise shaper and an LFO and you are cooking with gas.

What’s it good for:

  • Synths
  • Creating wavetables
  • Drum sounds
  • FXs


Note: download  “BetawaveLivePack.alp” to get the device and presets.


Uuuuuuuuuh, so this thing is feature packed for a free device that came out in 2013. It’s inspired by the creator, again Trash80‘s,   Oki-computer & Digitek Reaktor ensembles.  I’ll just list some of the things it contains:

  • 7 chip tune style waveforms
  • 1 user waveform creator
  • 2-128 sample draw mode
  • 1-12 bit depth
  • Waveform modulations like
  • Fine Tuning
  • Hard-sync
  • Amp Envelope w/ Loop and amp period (length)
  • 3 Free Envelopes to assign
  • 8 Source modulations
  • 19 Destination

What’s it good for:

    Fat Basses

  • Chiptune
  • Envelope modded sounds

Note: download the “BlitterSynthLivePack.alp” to get the device and presets


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