MODO Bass by IK Multimedia. Why You Should Buy.

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I’ve been getting more and into IK Multimedia stuff over the years. It started when I bought the Ampeg SVX, a bass amp VST. You can hear it being used on all my synths in the 2012 release “Bath Salts“.

Since then I’ve developed a relationship with them and have iRig Pro, iRig Pro Duo, Vintage Program EQ 1A (emulation of Pultec® EQP-1A). All of them I love and use regularly.

So to my surprise I go to NAMM and check out there new product, MODO Bass, 12 classic basses and a ton of options then I read the info box and it says there are no samples in this program. It’s all digital modeling. The first physically modeled electric bass. I was impressed. I’m a bass player but not long enough to have experience with all 12 of these basses. But I’ll tell you, they all sound like basses and tones you would associate thru hearing them on records.












So what’s so good about this thing?

I already mentioned that you get 12 basses to choose from, but with at you get a lot of options and tweakablity. MODO bass gives me options to not only use a Honor Bass but to put P/J pickups on it and changes the strings at anytime. There is no hassle in learning the bass or buying a bunch of basses to get the tone you want. Also you are not bogged down with gigs and gigs of samples for this plugin.

Different tones can be create by moving the playing hand up and down the body. I don’t think other bass emulators can do this…? Oh do you want a 5-string Rickenbacker for $2400 or just get the sound with a click? Wait 5 string is too much, change it back to a 4 real quick.



Other applications for MODO Bass

This is a great tool for bass players who want to test out other basses before they buy. Hearing what a Stingray would sound like in one of your tracks. You can play an instrument in Guitar Center all you want but when you get home and try to record with it, it could not fit the music.

I’m currently on the hunt for new strings on my Sire V7 that is a J-bass clone. I’m using this to help me on the journey to not spend months and $$ thinking, “Flat, Round, what gauge?”

Since I have only one bass and would like possible other tones on my songs I can use Ableton Live’s Audio to MIDI (see video above) to convert my bass playing to then have MODO Bass play it as a Ibanez.

Do you run a studio? You can use this to get figure out which physical bass to use on a record before services or to set signal/fx chain up for a client who is bringing their own bass. Another that the bass player may not like is find the sweat spot on a bass then tell them to pluck or pick from a certain position.

With the added mini SVX fx and amp page as well as MIDI (note and cc) switches to quick changes playing style live you can make the Frankenstein bass of your dreams

Demo or MODO Bass

P.S. Grab FREE Ableton Audio to MIDI Defaults Pack

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